The Chase is On, White Bass on the Offensive

shad school

It is that time of the year, white bass across Nebraska are beginning to chase schools of shad around our reservoirs. On big reservoirs anglers keep an eye out for gulls circling schools of shad to locate white bass, but on small reservoirs its as easy as looking around to see the thrashing of shad as they break the waters surface mid chase. Continue reading

Two Team Battle – Bosard’s Wow with Big Bag, Erickson’s Extreme Outfitters at the Top Again


A day that started nearly identically to the one before looked like it would turn out to be “same story different day”. That was not the case, the pattern changed and most anglers were forced to make adjustments to keep up. Continue reading

Erickson’s Extreme Hot Streak, The Walleye Guys Exert Dominance


There were no secrets about where the fish were today. Most teams fished the same areas and a majority of the 60 team field brought back 5 fish limits. At the end of the day Bill and Faustina Mueller brought home a scale breaking 27 pound bag for the win, literally the scale couldn’t weigh them all at once.Continue reading