Sherman Reservoir: Walleye in the Fall

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 Nebraska Fishing – Sherman Reservoir: Walleye in the Fall We have been spending a significant amount of time on the …Continue reading

Lake McConaughy, Fun for All


In late June I visited Lake McConaughy for the first time while covering a Nebraska Walleye Association tournament. I made a point to sneak away for several hours each to day in order to experience all Lake McConaughy has to offer. I quickly realized there was no way for me to see everything the area has to offer in such a small amount of time.
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Merritt Applies Brakes, Rowland’s Get The Win


Today Merritt put on the brakes from an already slowing pace yesterday as the Nebraska Walleye Association held its State Championship and final tournament of the year. I was able to catch up with Jason Erickson of Erickson’s Extreme Outfitters and he said the fishing was really tough out there today.Continue reading